Friday, September 16, 2011

Make Your Own Wooden Toys for Boys with Toymaker Press!

2/11/12 UPDATE: Toymaker Press has changed to Toymaking Plans. They are exactly the same...just their name and url have changed. You can see their website here and check out my latest post for more info. I will also add that since I did this post, I have learnt that they change what plan they offer for free and sometimes don't have one so it's worth signing up to their newsletter and grabbing those free plans when you can!

If you're in to wooden toys and making things for your boys, then you might like this website. 

It's on my dream list at the is my own scroll saw. :-) When I was a teenager, I made gifts for friends using my dad's scroll saw to cut out the wood. Then I'd put the pieces together and paint them up. I love cutting and preparing the wood but the construction and decoration is probably not my favourite crafty activity. It's worth it though when you give your gift and see the receiver's reaction. :-) I'll have to dig out my old photos, scan them in (we're talking film days here!) and post a few pics of the things I made.

Anyway, this website has some amazing books full of patterns and instructions for a whole range of wooden toys that would be just perfect for boys of any age. Individual PDF patterns can be bought for specific toys so you don't have to buy a whole book. You can buy the books in hard cover print format or PDF so if you don't live in the US, you don't have to spend a small fortune on postage. I looked into postage to Australia and it was ridiculous compared to the price of the actual book so as much as I'd love to have the real book, I'll probably buy the PDF when I get my scroll saw.

However, to get you started, they offer free PDF patterns that are easily downloadable from their website!!! Seeing this has given me great confidence in buying their other books. You get to try before you buy!! They seem to change what they offer from time to time so keep checking back for new patterns. Below are a couple of pics of patterns they have offered.

Astronauts Acrobats

The types of toys you can make from the books include:

  • wooden boats
  • planes
  • cars and trucks
  • trains
  • fire engine play set
  • cranes
  • dragons, knights & fair maidens
  • dinosaurs and cave men
  • houses including furniture, people and scenery
  • animals
  • Noah's ark
  • baby and toddler toys including pull along animals
  • space rocket set
  • dude ranch set
  • ice hockey game
  • zoo set
  • and even a full size rocking horse!

It really is best to check out the website because they offer so much!! Have fun!
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