Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm a mum to 2 little boys, Max and Sam. I love to sew and create things and have never done as much sewing as I have since I was pregnant with Max. (I'd still love to do more though!) :-) Since Max was born in 2008, I've often found it difficult and frustrating trying to find lovely patterns, fabrics, or craft supplies that suit boys. It is becoming easier but so often I feel like the boys miss out because so many places cater mostly for girls.

In my blog, you will find lots of sewing projects, crafts, activities, tutorials, ideas, website & product reviews and whatever else I can think of all relating to boys. And because I can't help myself and just HAVE to sew girly things every once in a while...ok, well maybe quite often...you will also find lots of things for girls both big and small.

I hope that as you browse through my posts, you are inspired and enjoy making things for you and your loved ones! Sometimes all it takes is for something to spark an idea in your mind and get you going.

So what are you waiting for?? 

Get going and have some fun! 


  1. Wow, what a lame blog I found.
    What's this Johnnyfivecollectables guy doing in your members?

    Seriously though, you write things really well. Wish I could find the words I want.

  2. Gee thanks! :-P Thanks for following me though! Better be careful what I write about you now. haha Just start writing and see how you go. I found that over time it became easier. :-)


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