Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally My Free Fabric Ball Pattern is Here!

I'm very excited to finally be able to share my fabric ball pattern with you!! It only took me 8 months (eek!!) to get around to putting it into a pdf and posting it online! My wonderful husband helped me to create a pattern piece based off a perfect sphere which has produced lovely, round, fabric balls. Last night, he taught me how to use Illustrator so I have a lovely little pdf pattern to share with you all. I hope you like it!

You can find the free fabric ball pattern posted back in the original tutorial here.

PS: There are also a couple of new tips in the tutorial that I have learnt after sewing a number of these. Have fun!! xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

I heard a little saying...

Sometime during the past week, I came across a saying about sewing that I LOVE!

'Housework only comes before the dictionary!'

That's pretty much true at my house. I do love to have a tidy house but so often when I have free time, I choose sewing or some other craft activity over the housework. Unfortunately during the past week and a half, sickness has decided to jump ahead of sewing and come first in our house. :-( I was so looking forward to 3 kindy days to myself this week and was hoping to finish off a teddy softie I'm knitting for Sam. I may still get to it...I am feeling a little better each day. 

Here's a little...and I mean, LITTLE! pic to show you what it will look like. (I don't have the energy to go take a photo right now...maybe I'll be able to get some progress pics when I'm feeling better. I've done the body/head/legs and am working on the arms now.)

The pattern is in this book...

The teddy is the only thing I've knitted from the book but I'd have to say I'm very happy with the pattern so far. :-) It seems like a great book for baby stuff and has some lovely designs. If you are interested in getting it, you will have to have a look for people selling it second hand online (I've seen it on ebay and etsy) as it seems to be out of print...I can't find it in stores anyway.

Well, I never intended to get onto knitting bears but there you go. :-)

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