Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Taggie Blanket

This is it! My baby taggie blanket. It's not really a blanket - it's more a toy than anything else. Babies just love tags so why not give them a heap to play with? I am really happy with how this turned out because it's not often that something I imagined and then set out to sew turns out on the first go. I just love the bright colours!

It's got cotton fabric (red spots) on one side and flannelette (blue dots) on the other. The ribbons are a mix of satin and textured ribbons and I added a velcro closing loop to one corner so that it can be attached to a pram, cot or whatever.

I hope my friend's baby enjoys it. I'll have to make one for my own little bubba! :-) It was so quick and easy to make. The materials are also quite cheap too so it makes a very affordable but special gift. I'll write out a tutorial for it and post that soon with lots of pics of each step.

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