Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Version of the Free Bunting Tutorial & Pattern

I tend to write quite detailed tutorials based on exactly what I did which is handy and can save confusion and questions but can take awhile to read and work through. I thought I'd post a super quick and easy version of the bunting tutorial for those who don't need all the details because it really is an easy thing to make.


- Fabric of your choice (how much depends on how many flags you want to make...it's a great project for using up your scraps!)
- Bias Binding or Ribbon (length depends on how long you want your bunting to be)
- Cotton thread

1. Print the template. Choose the size flag you want and cut it out.

2. Cut out 2 triangles per flag for as many flags as you want.

3. Pair up your triangles and pin each pair with right sides together.

4. Sew down the 2 long sides of each triangle with a 1cm seam allowance.

5. Clip all corners of the triangle making sure you not only clip across the main point of the triangle but up the sides a little too.

6. Turn all triangles out the right way and press.

7. Fold and iron your bias binding or ribbon in half lengthways.

8. Measure 30cm-50cm from one end of your binding and slide the top (unfinished edge) of your first flag in between the fold and pin it in place. Do the same for the next flag leaving a gap between flags that is whatever length you desire. Repeat this with the same gap between all flags until you have them all pinned into the binding.

9. Trim the end of your binding so that it is the same length as the piece you left at the start.

10. Fold each end of the binding in slightly to create a neat finish and pin in place.

11. Sew along the open edge of the length of the binding making sure you catch in both sides of the binding and sewing in all flags. And you're finished!! :-)


- Use fabric that is not see-through. I got caught out with this even using quilting fabric. Thicker fabric won't show through the other side and will hide the seam allowances better giving it a much nicer look.

- Use bias binding or ribbon that is not see-through. Again like the fabric, I found the bias binding I used showed the fabric underneath and it will look a lot nicer if you can't see patterns from the flag fabric showing through.

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