Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Stockings for Our Family

My mum started a tradition of making us all our own Christmas stocking for our first Christmas. As kids, we always thought our stocking were the most awesome Christmas stockings around and we still all love them! When I got married, I decided to continue the tradition and made my husband a stocking for our first married Christmas. I did the same for Max's first Christmas and today, I've just finished Sam's Christmas stocking just in time for his first Christmas. I'm so relieved I got it done in time. Life is a whole lot busier with 2 little boys to look after. :-)

They are lined with batting in between the fabric and lining and the names are embroidered in chain stitch. The edges of the cuffs are done in satin stitch and clipped close to the stitching. I never really intended it but they've all ended up in a shade of red!! I think they look really nice all together and our little stocking family is complete. :-)

Christmas stocking are something that you can make for anyone including those special boys in your life. I used an old McCall's pattern for these stockings so I can't post a pattern online but here's a few links to some great stocking tutorials if you'd like to make some yourself.

Tip Junkie's list of stocking tutorials
Fabric Worm's stocking tutorial
Prudent Baby's stocking tutorial
Sew Like My Mum's stocking tutorial

That should be enough to get you going and give you some great ideas. Happy stocking sewing!!

***UPDATE: Here is a pic of the pattern I used just in case anyone is interested in tracking it down. You can often find it available online second hand. :-)***


  1. These are great! Really cute! I have been thinking about doing our own for a few years now-maybe next year at this point!

  2. Thanks!! I really love them. They are a special part of our Christmas and I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to be the mummy making stockings for everyone. :-)

    If you're ever interested in getting your hands on the pattern, it is McCalls 7225 and is still available second hand online. I'll pop a pic in the post. It really is a great pattern!

  3. Oh isn't that lovely that we have the same tradition! Your stockings look amazing, the embroidered names are so neat. The earlier stockings I made are not as good as the one's I've done recently but they have sentimental value. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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