Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Decoration Hanger

Maybe you've seen these before but seeing as this is my first kindy experience as a mum, this is new to me and I thought it was a great idea. We were asked to make a tinsel covered hanger that would be used to hang any decorations that Max makes leading up to Christmas. It's super easy to make and quite effective.

- 2 wire coat hangers
- Sticky tape/string
- 3-4m tinsel (this varies depending on how tight you twist it)

1. Place your 2 coat hangers in a cross shape as though they were hanging at right angles to each other. Tape or tie them in place at the top and at the bottom when the wires crosses.
2. Bend the hook of one of the hangers so that both hooks face the same way.
3. Tape one end of the tinsel just below the curve of the hanger at the top and start twisting it around the wire. Cover one coat hanger and then the other.

4. If you run out and need to start a new piece of tinsel, just tape the ends and twist the tinsel over them to cover up the taped part. Tape the end once you are done.

That's it! Super easy.

Here is Max with his. He was very proud of it. I can't wait till he brings it home with all his decorations.

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  1. Very good idea because surely we all have these Plastic hangers that are no longer used


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